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The Public Sphere

Mar 30, 2018

The Public Sphere is a podcast from Contrivers Review. Please consider supporting The Public Sphere and Contrivers' Review on Patreon.

Today we’re talking to Wesley Bishop, a PhD candidate in History at Purdue University. His writings have appeared at Jacobin, The Socialist Worker, and TERSE, where he is the assistant...

Mar 9, 2018

Hi and welcome to THE PUBLIC SPHERE from Contrivers' Review. I'm Luke Mergner joined by Pete Sinnott at our "studio" — in air quotes — in Glendale, CA.

Two weeks ago we discussed the collective autobiography, Quit Lit, documenting the mass exodus of non-tenured faculty from Higher Education to a depressed...

Mar 1, 2018

Rafael Khatchaturian joins the podcast again. 

Today, we are talking about the bizarre circle that took Paul Manafort from the apex of K-Street to post-Soviet Eastern Europe and back. Mantefort was briefly the campaign manager of the Trump campaign and now is a major target of Robert Mueller's investigation.