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The Public Sphere

Mar 22, 2019

As everybody knows, today the political landscape is sharply divided. This is especially true when it comes to economic redistribution. On the right, freedom means free markets. On the left, free markets produce inequality and oppression. This framing is of course hyperbole, but it does suggest how we take for granted the political alignment between certain economic principles.

As something of a corrective to this over simplified divide, Pete and Luke talk about Elizabeth Anderson’s Tanner Lectures in Human Values: "Liberty, Equality, and Private Government," which she gave at Princeton University in 2015. Anderson says we don’t really understand the relationship between the “free market” and some of our most cherished political ideals, namely freedom and equality. This is a historical misunderstanding that has lead to overlook how the modern workplace has become politically authoritarian even as it is championed by free market ideologues. 

The Public Sphere is a podcast from Contrivers Review.